Micropigmentation is a semi-permanent makeup technique made with organic pigments that serves to correct or improve different features of the face. It is also very useful for people who are undergoing medical treatment such as chemotherapy or for people with alopecia.

Micropigmentation is compared to ink tattoos and is actually done with a tattoo machine, but this technique deserves retouching, so tattoos are not forever. As you surely know, micropigmentation can be applied to different parts of the body and face:

  • Micropigmentation of eyebrows: thanks to this technique, perfect eyebrows are drawn for your face and it also serves to fill sparse eyebrows. They can be drawn in a block or with the hair-to-hair technique. This technique can also be used to conceal alopecia problems.
  • Micropigmentation of lips: serves to take profiling the lips semi-permanently for a long time. It is also very useful to correct asymmetries of the lip, lips blurred and also conceals the so-called “barcode” (wrinkles on the upper part of the lip).
  • Micropigmentation of eyes: do you want to forget to make the line of the eye every day? With the micro you can do it. It also serves to give more density to your eyelashes micropigmentando between hair and hair.
  • Micropigmentation for the reconstruction of the mammary areola: in those cases in which breast reconstruction is performed due to breast cancer, the micro is used to reconstruct the areola and give the breast a more natural appearance.


Is micropigmentation definitive?

Unfortunately this method does not provide permanent results, as something similar to permanent makeup happens, the pigments used in capillary micropigmentation are bioresorbable and therefore not permanent.

They are designed to preserve their tonality and color for at least two years, without significant alterations or damages that may affect the patient’s health, that is, there are no consequences in this.

To get more benefit from micropigmentation, it is advisable to go to the doctor once a year, which helps to maintain the results obtained.


 How is the process of this semi-permanent makeup

During this procedure, pigments are implanted in the skin to color and shape facial areas such as eyebrows, lips or eyes. In general, it tends to be a permanent make-up, but everything depends on the quality of the pigment used, its correct use and the person’s immune system.

Although, it is not painful, you can get to feel uncomfortable sensations, especially in sensitive areas of the body such as areolas or eyes. Even so, everything depends on the sensitivity of the person.

Finally, once the technique is done, you must a few weeks to see the final result. Although it is a permanent technique, its duration is limited, so sooner or later, it requires certain adjustments.