Microblading eyebrows supplies is what you need if you are looking for eyebrows populated in your designs and at the time of makeup to other people or yourself. Gone are the tattoos and traditional micropigmentation, permanent results and virtually irreversible.

The latest in eyebrow design is the “microblading” semi-permanent pigmentation technique with more natural results than the classic tattoo, in addition the decision is not forever, but requires touch-ups of sessions with microblading eyebrows supplies to fan the tone that was initially placed.

It is an ideal treatment for people with sparse eyebrows or who have been losing hair over the years, or as a result of illness or medical treatment. Of course, if you have experience in permanent makeup, performing the eyebrow tattoo technique with microblading will be much easier and easier.

  • The microblanding allows so much to give form, that is to say the eyebrows that are very straight or on the contrary with a lot of curve, the idea is to balance the design.
  • It is possible with the pigmented supplies to fill in the eyebrow at those points where it is necessary.
  • The permanent makeup is done without major aggressions for the skin and with a finish that goes completely unnoticed and lasts up to two years.


Neither is a tattoo machine necessary, the secret is the technique of hair to hair, which allows a more precise and personalized application of the stroke, obtaining a very natural result.


Where to find microblading eyebrows supplies

Microbanded supplies, micropigmentation needles, pigments, numbing cream, makeup tools, is part of what you need to start in the world of permanent makeup. At present, there are stores that offer the XXX but one way to find it taking advantage of promotions in eyebrows is through the Internet.

The market has grown with products, cosmetics and permanent makeup for the skin, so you will find many alternatives. Select the one that suits you best and make the purchase by clicking on the shopping cart, do not worry about the free shipping.

The makeup that forced to study the eyebrows, the model of the face of the person and calculate until plucking the hair of the eyebrows are over. Pulling the eyelid hair is tedious for all, not to mention how much the choice of a brush to make up the eyebrows that should be creamy, of good quality and in addition to the correct tone required to avoid losing the investment.