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  • Perform'Art Lightening Cream

    Lightening cream

    Benefits :
    High concentration of active ingredients
    Uniform complexion
    Feeling of well-being and freshness
    Luminous complexion

    Thanks to bearberry, amla and amiane extracts, the lightening cream slows down and corrects the pigmentation process and gives the skin a smooth, even and satiny complexion. It fights in a natural and non-aggressive way the spots due to the action of the sun and the ageing of the skin.

    All skin types

  • Perform'Art Regenerating Mask

    Regenerating Mask (cream)

    - Soothing
    - Nourishing
    - Feeling of freshness and well-being
    - Remineralizing

    The regenerating mask with shea butter is an innovative treatment that firms, tones and remineralizes the skin without drying it out thanks to the combined action of green clay and ginseng.

  • Microneedle transneedle Perform'Artskin-care-needle

    Transneedle applicator (transdermal needle)

    Benefits: Increases product efficiency

    The Transneedle (trandermic needle) is a multiple of micro-needles with integrated serum diffusion system. Thanks to its micro-perforation system, it allows you to diffuse your products deeper into the skin, so you will get a better result on your skin care products. By micro-perforating the skin a natural activation of collagen takes place, causing a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as a remarkable radiance of the complexion. Numerous benefits are notable, including the attenuation of dark circles or bags under the eyes, especially when used with Beautexx Eye Contour Care.


  • Lip Pigments

    Pigment for permanent lip make-up. For people who want the most natural looking lips, luminous pigment with a high concentration of powder, good hold.


  • Amaretto Lip Pigment

    Pigment Amaretto

    Amaretto color pigment for permanent lip makeup. For people who want the most natural lips, bright pigment and high concentration of powder, good hold.

    Type: Warm color

    Size: 8ml

    Color code: DL302