The microblading ink is related to the aesthetic treatment for the eyebrows, but it is also used as a permanent cosmetic because it can be applied in other areas, such as the contour of the lips and the eyelids, the line that is placed as part of the makeup.

The best thing about microblading ink is that it leaves a natural aspect, but frees the individual from the exclavity of having to get ready every day with traditional makeup, forgetting the stress of exits with the lipstick or having to wake up before to make up the eyes and fill in the eyebrows.

The healing process is fast, after applying the microblading ink pigments the skin should heal the wound, therefore, hardening may occur in the area. In addition, it is advised that you follow skin care after application of the microblading ink, such as:

  • Avoid direct sunlight or stay in a very hot space for a long time.
  • The blows of hair can affect the wound, infecting it so it is best to keep the hair collected for the first few days.
  • Eliminate the consumption of alcohol and drugs that do not allow the body to work on the healing of the cosmetic tattoo.
  • Do not put any type of moisturizing cream after makeup, in case the skin needs some care with a product, the beautician will take care of giving you the indications.


How microblading ink will look

As for the eyebrow tattoo you will see that in the first session, the semi-permanent makeup will be quite strong so you can be surprised, the color of the ink and think that the tone was not chosen according to your skin.

However, you must remain calm, because it is after the passage of days that you will see the natural appearance of your eyebrows. Even, it is possible that you must return for touch-ups in the first weeks and already after 8 months when the microblading ink begins to fall.

For the lips, the lip contour will also be left with lines that will make the lips look more plentiful and bulky, try to take care of the healing by not consuming acids and following the recommendations of previous skin care.

On the other hand, when you do the line of the eyelid you must take extreme care measures of the skin, since it is an area that we move frequently, of course the use of sunglasses will help you to cure the cosmetic tattoo .