Hair loss treatment is one of the motivations that induce men and women to try different products to say goodbye to baldness and alopecia.

However, the type of hair loss treatment is essential to determine the next step and the duration of it. There are several, topical and oral, to treat hair loss and prevent its advance.

There are diseases that can occur with our hair, such as alopecia, which is an abnormal loss of hair. This disease is caused many times by the constant use of chemicals, the iron, the dryer, and also by natural causes such as stress, pregnancy, hormonal changes among others.

Therefore, it is necessary that to prevent hair loss take the necessary measures as a precaution, such as taking vitamins and doing treatments that help you to combat this problem

  • Minoxidil

It is one of the best hair loss treatment, is a vasodilator that is used in both men and women who suffer hair loss. Its effect is usually seen after three months of treatment, after applying two milliliters of product per day.


  • Hair transplant

Hair transplantation involves placing hair on an area of ​​the scalp that does not have alopecia.



The market has taken advantage of the desperation by those who fight against hair loss and have taken hair loss treatment that in most cases do not work.


Anti-hair shampoos are not effective

The remedies such as shampoos or anti hair loss masks can only act on the hair shaft and have no ability to influence the hair bulb, which is where the stem is generated, so they have no effect on hair loss, invest in them It is losing time and money.

Nor does any other cosmetic work. Certain hair cosmetics improve the appearance of the hair shaft, but without acting on the hair’s production.


Help: Gair loss treatment

If the alopecia is genetic and is incipient, use cosmetic lotions with assets that slow down the hormones (sabal, hops, pumpkin, zinc).

Extra help: If in addition to topical treatment you take a nutritional supplement that has the same assets as lotions, they will improve results.

When the loss is caused by stress, medication or lack of certain nutrients, the first thing is to suppress the causative factor. Anti-hair loss lotions and nutricosmetics with sulfur amino acids, vitamins and minerals can help.


  • Micropigmentation of hairs

Micropigmentation is a beauty treatment that involves drawing or tattooing hairs in the areas where they are needed, which is why microblading is also being used as a tool to beat alopecia. Most of the time they must be done in several sessions and before beginning the treatment the beautician will perform a tolerance test.