Microblading montreal is one of the best markets for the many permanent makeup options that offer local beauty treatments. Applications of this technique that is known as montreal microblading goes of the extensions of eyelashes, contour of eyes, delineated of eyelids and contour of lips.

In the case of the extension of eyelashes, remember that of the hand of the XXX is the facelift of eyelashes and tint of eyelashes that is ideal complement for the permanent makeup. With this technique you will give the lashes a darker color, enhancing the look and you will always look beautiful and radiant.

The use of semipermanent makeup is carried out with the help of tint lashes, that adamás also protects the eyelashes of the discolouring action of the ground, especially in people that have clear or blonde lashes. The result of the eyelash tint lasts up to 3 weeks. Although it will usually be a complement to the facelift of tabs and the microblading montreal can be seen to tabs regardless of the Lifting.


Can you apply the permanent makeup or the montreal microblading with lash extensions?

When applying microblanding on the eyelids or micropigmentation of eyebrows, which is an area close to the eyelashes, you should warn the expert on the subject that you have extension of eyelashes, she will take all the care of the skin to avoid damaging the permanent makeup.

On the other hand, if you are going to apply base on the eyelids or shadows on the eyes with semi-permanent makeup, avoid touching the base of the eyelash extensions. This can weaken the adhesive and damage lash enhancements.

When you apply semi-permanent makeup eyeshadow you must be very careful with the brushes that you are going to use. When using a large keep in mind do not reach the edge of the eyelid. If you see that when applying the shadow you do not get well to the base of the eyelid we recommend that you use a brush of tongue of cat for improvement of eyelashes.



Over time, eyebrows and eyelashes gradually fall off. And that change reflects a remarkable aging in the face. But to avoid that effect, there are two aesthetic treatments that are already trend: the extension of eyelashes and the micro pigmentation of eyebrows. These procedures are not only used to avoid signs of aging, but also to enhance the look and -of step- stop using so much makeup.