Needle Cartridge No4 Slope

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Needle Cartridge No4 slope thanks to its linear needles with micro diameter (0.12), allows to obtain a very fine line and dense in color. The time of your pigmentation implementations will be significantly reduced. Recommended for eyebrows and lips. Reduced ironing and processing time.

For permanent make-up or restorative pigmentation.

Instructions: Perform a very slow movement when applying permanent makeup, for increased color insertion and less touch-up but also less pain.

Description The Beautexx serum, with a very high concentration of hyaluronic acid, is effective in countering the signs of aging. Its components moisturize your skin deeply and smooth wrinkles and fine lines in a remarkable way. The application of serum improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin while giving immediate and long-term results.

The No4 Slope Needle Cartridge, for permanent make-up or repairing pigmentation, is recommended for eyebrows and lips. It reduces ironing and the time needed to do the work.

Linear needles, with micro diameter, allow to obtain a very fine and dense line in colour and thanks to its diameter (0.20). They considerably reduce the time of your pigmentation realizations.

Works only with Perform'Art devices.

The needles, manufactured according to Perform'Art's requirements, allow maximum colour insertion thanks to their texture, tips and diameter.

Instructions: Move very slowly when applying permanent makeup, for increased color insertion and less retouching and pain.

Product Code: 180-F


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