BEAUTEXX anti-aging cream

Directions: Use morning and evening after cleansing the face.

Size: 50ml

Code: PR-104

Description of the main active ingredients: Sodium hyaluronate: Moisturizing and plumping. Essential for the maintenance of the dermis and its firmness. Glycerin: Smoothes the skin while maintaining a good level of hydration. Vitamin E: Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging. Argan oil: Rich in omega-6 essential fatty acids and vitamin E. Moisturizing, antioxidant and regenerating properties. Acts against dryness and physiological aging of the skin (anti-wrinkle). Treats skin irritations; acne, eczema, stretch marks, burns, sunburn, psoriasis and chicken pox. Alleviates chapping and cracking caused by cold, wind or salt. Shea Butter: It has many restorative properties. It softens the skin and deeply moisturizes.