Bright Orange Pigment


Bright Orange Pigment for permanent lip make-up. Highly appreciated for its shade, it gives a luminous result and neutralizes the bluish tint inside the lip.

Type: Cold colour

Format: 8ml, airless

Color code: DL510

Description The Beautexx serum, with a very high concentration of hyaluronic acid, is effective in countering the signs of aging. Its components moisturize your skin deeply and smooth wrinkles and fine lines in a remarkable way. The application of serum improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin while giving immediate and long-term results.


  • Creamy and luminous
  • Increases colour retention in the mucous membrane, thanks to its concentration
  • Pleasant to apply due to its creaminess


IMPORTANT: shake the bottle well before each use_ Used inside the lips to give shine for a dull lip It is ideal for the inside of the lip and neutralizes blueness

INGREDIENTS: purified water, glycerine, isopropyl alcohol CI77499.77491.77492 77907

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15 ml, 8 ml


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