Hair products against hair loss

R-Active is an innovative complex, thanks to a conjugated formulation of two components, Sodium DNA and Glutathione CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), which protects and retains its active ingredients within its molecule by encapsulation to allow you to improve the quality of your hair and stimulate new growth. This product is entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec.

Hair Regrowth Kit


The causes of hair loss are numerous: change of season, hormonal variations, chemotherapy, etc. The heart of the problem often lies in the weakening of the hair, or even the death of the hair bulb (hair root).

Our Hair Regrowth Kit stimulates the hair bulb and leads to stronger hair growth. Hair renews itself more quickly and remains better anchored to the scalp. For stronger hair, without scalp irritation and without side effects!

Our kit includes 3 products: Exfoliating and Strengthening Shampoo 200ml, Hair Stimulator 50ml, Transneedle, Antiseptic Cleaner.



Transneedle is a bottle made up of micro-needles used to penetrate the product (hair stimulant) into the root of the scalp to reactivate and strengthen the hair growth process.