A micoblading eyebrow kit is very useful as a gift for permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup professionals.

The eyebrow microblading kit includes a wide variety of machines, accessories and first quality products from nozzles, spare parts for micropigmentation machines, magnifying glasses, facial tonic, face mask, even the needles that come in different sizes.


Cups: recommended products to pour the exact dose of pigment to use. It is one of the materials or products essential for the procedure of each microblading session. Its low price, allows it to be one of the cheapest and most demanded materials in the market.

The non-reusable rings are materials that are used, replacing the cups, to perform a work with comfort and agility, giving it, in turn, efficiency.

The magnifying glasses are a product that simplifies the working session of microblading with more detail and precision because of magnifying glasses and the visible LED light front.


Another essential material for any application of permanent or semi-permanent makeup, are

Disposable gloves: Material available latex and nitrile gloves (recommended especially for women with latex allergy).

Anesthesia: it is a product that serves to prevent conditions or discomfort in the treatment proceeding.

Disposable masks Tapabocas: You should not work without this as it prevents the spread of diseases.

Needles: Depending on the area worked and the complexity of the session, they are classified into needles of several barbs. Needles of 7 barbs, needles of 12, needles of 14, needles of 18 and needles of 14 extra-fine Nano barbs.


microblading eyebrow kit: Pigments

With regard to the pigments, the microblading pigment will have to take into account the color tone of the client since it is conveniently important before carrying out the different procedures.

The color perceived after the application of the pigment is different from the color of the product before its application of said pigment. Therefore, the pigment color selection process is based on the individual and isolated analysis of each of the factors that interact together after the application of the pigment of the process.

In the technique, in particular, of microblading or semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, we find that pigment employees are characterized, even to a lesser degree of durability than traditional permanent makeup, by having a strong, dense and high fixation. The period of permanence of the technique of eyebrows hair by hair is around the year.