Mesotherapy consists in the application of microinjections of conventional medicines, homeopathic, vitamins, amino acids or minerals.

This rejuvenation treatment consists in the application of pharmacological preparations through a series of superficial intradermal injections.

In this way, the medication is used directly on the affected area and at lower doses than would be needed if it were applied by another route, such as oral or creams that are difficult to absorb.

Mesotherapy can be applied in all body areas for skin care, such as: legs, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, chest, arms, face.

It is a treatment with which you can correct medical-aesthetic pathologies such as cellulite, flaccidity and localized adiposities, which do not disappear with diet and exercise or eliminate new stretch marks.

Mesotherapy is used to lose weight. Mesotherapy is not a treatment for obesity, although you lose weight by eliminating fat it is necessary to continue with diet and exercise.


How many sessions of  mesotherapy should be done?

The number of sessions will always depend on the area to be treated and the diagnosis that the patient has. But at least 10 sessions are needed and these are done once a week.


Side effects of mesotherapy

For patients who undergo mesotherapy, the side effects are minimal. Some patients who have a particularly low pain threshold may receive a topical anesthetic before treatment, but most patients consider that the injections are only mildly annoying.

Some patients feel a mild burning after the injection, as the compound begins to dissolve the fat, but it lasts little and is not common in all patients. Mesotherapy is related to the sensation of insensibility in isolated areas; but like other side effects of mesotherapy, this dims between a few days and two weeks.


Mesotherapy and bruises

Bruising at the sites of the injections is the most common side effect of mesotherapy. Many doctors recommend using topical creams or the Arnica Montana supplement to reduce bruising.


Those who can not use Mesotherapy

Before undergoing a Mesotherapy treatment it is necessary to perform a medical examination, in general all people are suitable, with some exceptions such as those who have problems with coagulation, skin conditions, infections, pregnant women or breastfeeding.


Find a professional mesotherapy specialist

If you want more information about the side effects of mesotherapy such as bruising and insensitivity, about the risks or the history of positive results of the procedure, use our directory to contact an aesthetic dermatologist in your area who has experience in performing mesotherapy.