Different care is currently in vogue.

CAUTION, read about the quality of care you offer to your clients. Being a beauty specialist, you must be informed! In what condition will be the skin of my client following the new treatment that I offer him? Different techniques for piercing the skin is currently in vogue, it is your responsibility as a professional to make sure that your client’s skin is PERFORATED with the correct method, WITHOUT DAMAGE.

MICROBLADING : Ancient method, back on the market, is to introduce the color in the skin by insistions (scalp), no professional specification required to practice this technique, a precaution is required, do not forget that we pierce the skin by insistions (scalp ) this technique is at risk for leaving scars, and so very painful.

(SEMI) PERMANENT MAKEUP : Old and still fashionable method, introduce color by mechanical perforation. Several devices exist on the market all depends on how the mechanical system insert the pigment and what is your training? It must be ensured that the insertion is done by several micro perforations clean to introduce the color in the skin, without tearing the skin by a lack of power of the device.

MICRONEEDLING OR MESOTHERAPY : It is to titillate with microneedles fibroblasts, these cells of the dermis guaranteeing a lasting firmness. When we talk about perforation with needles (micro perforation, permanent makeup or microblading etc.) Several devices and ways of micro perforate the skin, by roller needle (several needles) method quite painful and difficult to have a constant perforation, rotating devices, which has the disadvantage of having to increase the voltage to obtain a force of insertion into the skin, ( which increases the pain).

How can I, with all its methods and devices noticed, offer the best to my client?

Skin that has not been damaged will close on itself without crusting; the treatment will be much more profitable (no scar, keep the color, to make the most of the insertion of the products).

Example: Take an injection insertion, the place where there has been perforation, no crustel will be visible, the skin has been perforated cleanly, a perforation of quality will be invisible to healing, the skin will close on itself with slight dry film. You must now pay special attention to the healing of the skin following the treatment you offer,

Let’s remember the basics! The skin perforated by clean insertion ensures quality healing and without damage, the insertion of a pigment by scalp or tear will leave a traumatise on the skin. Being a manufacturer for several years Perform’Art is in constant research and development on how to pierce the skin without damage, whether with apparatus or other, Perform’Art must give its information to help the beauty technicians to be attentive on the quality of the skin to its customers following the new technologies.


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