Puncture of the Skin

Perform’Art specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance devices for practitioners specializing in aesthetics.

Today, its devices are revolutionizing techniques of skin perforation such as permanent make-up, restorative pigmentation and rejuvenation treatments.

On the cutting edge of transdermal aesthetics

Thanks to its high technology and rigorous accuracy, Perform’Art has enhanced the reputation of permanent makeup.

By avoiding any damage to the skin, the treatments are painless. From a most pleasant experience with spectacular results.

At the heart of Perform’Art’s motivation, there are essential criteria such as the absolute requirement of quality, treatments without damage to the skin and the excellence of the customer experience.

The company aims to offer the best innovative technology in its field.

This research has led to the development high-precision technology aimed at improving the quality of perforation of the skin to overcome the problem of permanent damage caused to the skin by existing devices.

International research

Since 1995, a number of training courses (in France, Spain and the United States) have enabled the founder to experiment (with existing devices), to perfect her knowledge of skin pigmentation and to develop a in-depth expertise in permanent make-up techniques.

The expertise of the founders helps guide the company’s R&D towards high-precision technologies in the field of aesthetic care.

100% made in Quebec


Perform’Art is a company based in Quebec (Canada) where technological expertise and manufacturing quality are among the most renowned throughout the world.

The company designs and manufactures its devices and related products directly in Quebec to offer the highest quality assurance.</p >


To support its initiatives, offer the highest quality products and impeccable customer service internationally, the company has surrounded itself with a solid team whose members work in the field of high technologies, all for the success of Perform’Art.

Celine Bonhomme

President and Founder

Céline Bonhomme is passionate about aesthetics.

Since 1993, with her participation in numerous training sessions on existing devices, on pigments and pigmentation techniques, Ms. Bonhomme has traveled several countries (France, Spain and the United States) to find the best dermopigmentation technology.

Dissatisfied with existing devices, always looking for solutions before avant-garde and better adapted, she decided to develop her own device.

Driven by curiosity and a great concern for perfection, this experienced practitioner surrounded herself with engineers specialists in order to develop the most efficient skin piercing device on the market.

With the use of her devices and her vast experience, Ms. Bonhomme was able to develop a revolutionary technique that allows a much less painful intervention and still unequaled color fastness.

Robert Desrosiers

Vice President

Robert Desrosiers (recognized inventor whose innovations are sold in Europe, Asia and the United States) contributed to the development project of this revolutionary technique.

In constant search for improvement, Mr. Desrosiers brings unparalleled expertise to the company’s R&D. >

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