Permanent Makeup
  • High quality stainless steel
  • No tears, no cuts
  • Consistent and precise colour line
  • Better customer experience
  • 4-speed capability
  • Works WITHOUT a box
Discover the Trait D'Art

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Your spring care trifecta

  • Deep moisturising
  • Radiance of the complexion
  • Dramatic reduction of dark circles and swelling
  • Circulation activator
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All our products comply with Health Canada standards.

Transdermal devices and related products.


Trait d'Art™

TRAIT D'ART© technology is the result of many years of rigorous research into the mechanisms of skin perforation used in the beauty care industry. The ultimate goal: pain reduction.

Our research has led us to the development of a high-precision technology to improve the quality of skin perforation and alleviate the problem of permanent skin damage caused by existing devices.

dermograph-permanent make-up-art

"The Trait d'Art™ technology gives precision needle movement on the skin while providing microperforation and removal in a highly safe, all-around powerful, and almost painless manner. It is a unique technology in the world thanks to our patented mechanism."

- Céline Bonhomme, President, Perform'Art

Skin Care Products

Our skin care product lines offer both in-cabin and resale skin care options to your customers. Our active ingredients are carefully selected to offer quality products that feel fresh and give your skin a sense of well-being.

Beauty care products
pigment-permanent make-up


Respecting Health Canada standards, our pigments are made with high concentration powders of synthetic or natural origin (mineral and organic). Our range of colours will meet all your needs.



The transneedle is equipped with multiple needles that activate the natural collagen while allowing the insertion of products deeper into the skin and causing no pain.



A hair stimulant that has proven to be effective in preventing and reducing hair loss thanks to our innovative and active ingredients.

Popular Products

  • LIPS+ Pigments

  • Skin / areola pigments

  • Stabilising and correcting pigments

  • Eye Pigments

  • Lip Pigments

  • Eyebrow Pigment

  • Cicaderm airless

  • Soft brown pigment for permanent eyebrows

    Pigment Soft Brown

  • Amaretto Lip Pigment

    Pigment Amaretto

  • revitalizing liquid for discomfort due to permanent make-up

    Revitalizing liquid

  • Perfom'Art Collagen Firming Cream

    Collagen Firming Cream

  • R-active Exfoliating and Strengthening Shampoo 200 ml

    R-Active Fortifying and Exfoliating Shampoo 200ml

  • module-needles-microneedle-NANO Perform'Art

    Microneedle needles NANO

  • needle-microneedle-12-point

    Microneedle needles 12 points (light therapy)

  • Perform'Art Emerald Eye Pigments

    Émeraude Pigment

About Perform'Art

Perform Without Damaging the Skin

From the beginning, Perform'Art's mission has been to develop new technologies and products that are painless and skin friendly.

With this goal in mind, Perform'Art has been specializing for over 15 years in the design and manufacture of high-performance equipment for aesthetic practitioners.

Today our patended devices are revolutionizing the techniques and results of permanent make-up, restorative pigmentation and rejuvenation care.

Products Designed and Manufactured in Canada

We are proud to conceive and produce innovative and technical productucts that are 100% Canadian products.

In addition, all our products comply with Health Canada standards (transdermal devices and related products).

About Perform'Art

For any question concerning our products, our technology, our patented devices, our skin pigments, contact us.

The Perform'Art team is available! Please write or call us.