Nature and science at the service of your beauty

Perform’Art carefully designs and selects raw materials containing various botanical extracts and essential oils in order to achieve remarkable results. Our product ranges are manufactured by chemists who respect the most rigorous standards. Our products stand out above all because of their high efficiency.

Permanent make-up and pigments

We are manufacturer and distributor of permanent make-up products since 2002. Our pigments are made with a high concentration of powder to ensure optimal hold and long lasting results. Our wide range of colours will meet all your needs.

Hair regrowth

Our R-Active hair growth product line has proven to be effective in preventing and reducing hair loss. Thanks to its innovative and effective active ingredients, hair is renewed more quickly and remains better anchored on the scalp.

Beauty care products

Beauty care products

Perform’Art offers several lines of skin care products. Each product is elaborated with superior quality active ingredients and are carefully selected to offer a fresh and well being sensation to your skin. We offer you a choice of products for resale to your customers.


Perform’Art innovates with the transneedle, a system of needles designed to allow your clients to continue their treatments safely at home. This technique activates the collagen process and allows the products to be inserted deeper into the skin.

All our products comply with Health Canada standards.

Transdermal devices and related products.