Brightening Serum Concentrate

• Lightening of the complexion
• Reduces the appearance of age spots
• Reduces the appearance of scars
• Detoxification and drainage

Lightening Serum Concentrate is used to balance pigmentation and even out the complexion. This product works on skin spots and scars. Important for sensitive skin, skin that reacts to the sun or other substances. Recommended for skin defects. Powerful and specific product for detoxification and drainage.

Directions for use:
• Pigment spot
• Lightening of the complexion



Directions for use : Use in microneedling for a treatment against pigmentary spots, to lighten the complexion, for reactive and sensitive skin.

Format: 50 ml

Product Code: 2001-F

Description of the main active ingredients: Vitamin A: Helps healing and slows down the aging process. Lactic Acid: Contributes to a good hydration and the elimination of dead cells. Resorcinol: Lightening and depigmenting active ingredient. Also used as an antiseptic.


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