Lightening cream

High concentration of active ingredients
Uniform complexion
Feeling of well-being and freshness
Luminous complexion

Thanks to bearberry, amla and asian extracts, the lightening cream slows down and corrects the pigmentation process and gives the skin a smooth, even and satiny complexion. Naturally and non-aggressively fights spots caused by the action of the sun and aging of the skin.

All skin types


Directions for use: Apply morning and evening all over face and neck until desired results are achieved, then continue with one application per day preferably in the evening. The lightening cream acts gradually on the skin, in particular by counteracting the enzyme which triggers the process of skin pigmentation. It must therefore be used rigorously for a minimum of 3 weeks. Do not forget to use, in addition, a good sunscreen so as not to ruin all your efforts.

Size: 50 ml

Code: PR105

Description of main assets:
Shea butter: soothes, hydrates, softens, protects, nourishes, regenerates and improves the appearance of scars
Bearberry: for a naturally even complexion. It has a regulating action on the formation of melanin.
Amla: Rich in vitamin C, toning, antioxidant, purifying damiane.