COLLAGEXX serum concentrate

Collagexx Serum Concentrate promotes tissue regeneration, repair and collagen synthesis. It improves skin tone and the appearance of wrinkles. Many other applications are possible to achieve healthier, firmer and more beautiful skin. This product is used with the Micro-needle device (Jouventude).

Format: 50 ml

Product Code: 2001-B

– Water: Moisturizer
– Glycerin: Smoothes the skin while maintaining a good level of moisture.
– Sodium PCA: a humectant maintains the moisture content of a cosmetic in its packaging and on the skin.
– Urea: reduces the granularity of the skin and smoothes rough areas of the body.
– Trehalose: the sugar forms a gel phase as the cells dehydrate, preventing the breakdown of cell organelles. Rehydration allows normal cell activity to resume.
– Sodium Hyaluronate: Hyaluronic acid or Sodium hyaluronate is a major cosmetic active ingredient that is both hydrating and plumping.
– Polyquaternium-51: A film-forming agent that produces a continuous film on the skin, hair or nails. It is a humectant.